Almond Payasam

Category: Sweet Treats
Description: A sweet dish made with almond paste and milk.
Preparation Time: 25 mins


Almonds(Badam) – ½ cup
Milk(boiled) – 4 cups
Sugar – 1½ cup
Cashewnuts(Whole) – 15
Pistachiols – 15(broken finely)
Orange food color – 2 pinches(dissolved in a little cold milk) Saffron – a few strands(dissolved in a little cold milk)


1.Soak the almonds in boiling hot water for 15 minutes, remove the skin and grind with cashew nuts to smooth paste. Mix in half a cup of milk to the mixture and keep aside.
2.Allow the remaining milk to boil and then add the above mixture slowly stirring continuously making sure there are no lumps.
4.After one boil remove from the fire and add the sugar and mix thoroughly and then add the orange food color, the saffron strands and the raw pistachios.
6.Chill and serve.