Coconut Payasam

Category: Sweet Treats
Description: A sweet dish made with milk and coconut.
Preparation Time: 25 mins

Coconut(fresh and grated) – 1 cup
Milk(boiled) – ¼ cups
Jaggery(grated)- 1 cup
Cardamom powder – 1 teaspoon
Cashewnuts – 10
Raw Rice – 1 tablespoon


1.Grind the coconut,cardamom powder and raw rice to a coarse paste.
2.Fry the cashewnut in ghee and keep aside.
3.Allow the ground paste to cook for one boil and then add the grated jaggery.
4.Stir the mixture nicely making sure there are no lumps and after one boil remove from the fire.
5.Add the fried cashewnuts. If the payasam is too thick add milk to bring it to the desired consistency.
6.Serve at room temperature.