Rasam Powder

Category: Powders used in Cooking
Description: Rasam powder which is used to make the traditional SouthIndian Rasam
Preparation Time: 20 mins


Coriander seeds – 1 cup (250ml cup)
Toor dal(redgram dal) – ¼ cup
Fresh redchilli powder – ½ cup
Black pepper corns – 3 tablespoons
Jeera – 3 tablespoons
Asafoetida – 1 tablespoon
Turmeric powder – 1 tablespoon (level)


1.Dry roast the coriander seeds in a frying pan on slow flame till the seeds are little more than warm to the touch.
2. Spread on a sheet of paper to cool.
3. Roast the bengalgramdal in the same manner till it becomes rich brown in color and spread it on the same sheet of paper.
4. Cool this mixture and add all the other ingredients and powder finely in the mixie.
This can be stored in an air tight container for about 6 months and as long as a year in the freezer.