Meet Mom

My mother always attributes her passion for cooking to willingness to try and taste different food. She was lucky to travel widely through India starting at a young age and this exposure gave her the opportuninty to learn many different kinds of food.

My father served in the Indian Navy and was a great connoisseur of food, so he always helped her get better. Living in a military base gives one the opportunity to meet people from different parts of the country hence tasting and learning different cuisines as varied as the people. Hosting and being a part of a lot of parties honed her presentation and planning skills.

She also reads many culinary books, watches you tube videos and has many food related boards on Pinterest. I have the great fortune of having a book which has recipes that were cut out from newspapers of the years gone by, which I treasure dearly. Now days she sends me interesting recipes through Pinterest and YouTube.

She has several contributions to THE HINDU newspaper, one of India’s top daily newspaper. On her visit to the US her recipes were also feautered in the local San Jose Mercury News.

Even today she tries out new recipes and modifies it to her satisfaction. Her enthusiasm for food and cooking has not diminished and she enjoys it immensely.